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APPA Advisors

APPA Advisors provides assessment, advising, analytic, developmental, and strategic services to assist institutions leverage their physical assets, enhance the student experience, build organizational capacity, develop their human capital, and extract higher value and better outcomes from their investments in facilities construction, operations, renewal, and modernization. APPA Advisors provide reviews that are tailored, customized, and scaled to address organizational and institutional challenges. 

APPA Advisors offer an unmatched depth and breadth of industry expertise on operational best practices, successful innovative solutions, effective organizational design, comprehensive benchmarking, and strategic planning approaches to provide evaluations, solutions, and guidance tailored to the challenges facing your organization and institution.

The scope of our services generally aligns to one or more of three major categories of interest:

  • Organizational Effectiveness (Note: this will hyperlink to Attachment A)
  • Organizational Readiness (Note: this will hyperlink to Attachment A)
  • Organizational Development (Note: this will hyperlink to Attachment A)

APPA Advisors Summary

What APPA Advisors Offers…

  • Executive Coaching….for those that want an experienced mentor to assist in the identification of performance issues/challenges, the development of resolution strategies, and the implementation of required changes.
  • Targeted Performance Reviews….for the busy executive who needs experienced consultant(s) to evaluate current levels of performance of selected functions, and to recommend and help implement needed changes in product design, processes, and people.

Where APPA Advisors can help…

  • FM Organizations experiencing serious financial challenges, customer dissatisfaction, and/or organizational disfunction.
  • FM organizations facing substantial succession issues in multiple levels of the organization.
  • FM Organizations that are trying to prepare for a dramatically changed educational environment and are seeking more nimble and agile strategies in product design, organization, technology, people and processes.

Why APPA Advisors…

  • Experience counts….Where else can you find proven facilities managers who have a demonstratable track record of success.
  • Time is important…When you’re dealing with alligators, draining the swamp is difficult.  Add horsepower to your time by leveraging it with peer consultants that understand you and your environment.
  • Manage complexity….Every problem has a simple solution, and its WRONG!  APPA Advisors dig deep until they fully understand the problem and can help you develop realistic solutions, and then help you implement them.
  • Full Documentation….You’ll receive a full written report as well as periodic status reports the detail the process and results obtained.  Return on investment is thus assured.